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First of all, I'd like to welcome all of you to MCBlock. I'm pepsiisgross, one of the owners of MCBlock. I've been playing Minecraft for over 9 years now. I've worked for servers and on servers for as long as I can remember and that has led me to be very efficient and creative with creating them. I hope you enjoy your time on MCBlock and feel free to browse our forums and post suggestions or bug reports when necessary.

What kind of server is this?

Currently we are a Survival Gamemode only server, but we plan on opening other gamemodes as time goes on and we want to let YOU pick the next one we release. We have several ideas for a range of servers, but we want you to pick which one interests you the most. There will be more information regarding this in the future.

What makes this server unique?

We believe that our server is unique because we care about YOU the players. We also have custom bosses, you can see these at spawn ;), custom world generation... whaaaat? We even have a brand new custom WORLD. If you're tired of all the beautiful trees and landscape,then maybe try destroying some of it with our bosses. Bosses can be purchased at our store here. They drop excellent rewards, but it's not an easy fight! Be careful.

Why should I join?

Why not? If you're bored or just want a new fun server to play on, you should definitely check us out. We offer various unique features to enhance the gameplay for our players and we want you all to have fun.

Random fact:

Did you know, that by voting for us you can get more land claims, 5 minutes of fly (per vote), and crate keys? Voting is free and easy and helps us as a server, and helps you as a player. We offer 5 unique voting links that can each be used daily. You can find them here. Did I mention the top voters get rewards? The top 5 voters each month will receive a gift card to use on our store at This can be used for ANYTHING. Ranks, tools, land claims, bosses, etc.

We hope you enjoy your time here on MCBlock and please feel free to offer suggestions for the site or server. We're always glad to help and listen.

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really though, i shouldn't say anything bad about everyone but myself because i do have to blame myself for the partial grief.
before i leave, i will tell you all the truth. the day ile was judged, he got his punishment. he did not do his punishment so i got spiteful and griefed a small portion of his base. when i logged on and checked ile's base, his base was fully destroyed, not the part i destroyed. he blamed the full grief on me even though he griefed his own base. i got so angry at the people who blamed me for the grief that i quit.
i dont care about mcblock anymore. you can unclaim everything i made. you can steal my ender chest. you can ban me. i will never return to mcblock
i can tell you all everything that happened that day
Ima go play an actually good server that is not just a vanilla survival world and a few commands

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