(Skyblock Prefix) Suggestions to /shop


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Good morning, afternoon, or evening! I hope you are doing amazing so far!
I consider wanting to use this website more often, mainly to post suggestions and threads that would support the server.

This suggestion thread focuses on the /shop aspect in the game mode, Skyblock, but this suggestion can also be implemented into different game modes if the staff wishes to.
Though be aware that I do not include any suggestions to the economical factor of this implementation, it is up to the staff to decide what costs what and what shall be sold.

The /shop command in-game allows you to buy or sell items using your in-game finance, though there are some items that have not been displayed in the shop menu, which is what I will be talking about.

My first suggestion would be to add a Transport Section in the /shop menu, to the left of the Redstone section, according to the image below.
[Figure 1 - Transport Implementation]

This transportation section will include items that involve transportation in mobs, players, or entities, according to the image below.
[Figure 2 - Transport Menu]

This implementation will allow us to buy items that will help us in the transportation aspect of the server. Plus some of these items in Figure 2 haven't been displayed in the /shop menu before, making this section a unique and (hopefully) useful addon to the /shop menu.
This doesn't have to be added into the /shop menu, and instead, it could just add into the existing sections, i.e. the minecart and the rails could be added onto the Redstone Section, etc.

Though where would the horse armor go? This is where I will introduce another suggestion to the /shop menu. The Equipment Section which is to the right of the Misc Section:
[Figure 3 - Equipment Implementation]

This Equipment Section will allow you to buy/sell tools, armor, and weapons for the offense and defense advantages for both the player and the environment.
[Figure 4.1 - Equipment Menu p. 1]
[Figure 4.2 - Equipment Menu p. 2]

As you can see from Figure 4.1 and Figure 4.2, this Equipment Menu displays basically all the pieces of equipment that exist within the game.
This will help us buy tools and/or armor for us to quickly gear up once all of our items are gone. Plus some of these items have not been displayed in the shop menu before.

And my final suggestion:
[Figure 5 - Minerals]
This Ores Menu kinda need a revamp, I wanted to bring this implementation up so that the Ores Menu will look more shiny.

Thank You!